Adding specific servers to network trending
When you add specific servers to the Network Trending tool, you are adding server applications that Application Transaction Analysis recognizes.
See Understanding Application Transaction Analysis for a complete list of applications you can add; you cannot add servers—using the method described in this section—that do not use an application appearing in Understanding Application Transaction Analysis.
Note: This section represents one of several steps required for configuring your network trending settings. To return to the overall list of steps, see Configuring your network trending settings.
Tip! More information about Observer’s address book can be found at Building and saving an address book.
Tip! If you have already created the server definition on a different Observer, you can import it here. See Importing or exporting a server profile.
1. On the Home tab, in the Capture group, click Network Trending > Network Trending.
2. Click the Settings button. The Network Trending Settings window appears.
3. Click OK to save your changes.
You successfully added a server to the Network Trending tool. Each added server is monitored for response time and other metrics, so, over time, you can see long-term trends in these areas.