How to add application definitions
The Server Application Discovery tool is pre-loaded with popular application definitions, ensuring most of the server applications you discover are recognized by Observer. There are cases, however, when adding more application definitions to the stock set is desirable.
To add more application definitions for the Server Application Discovery tool to use, complete the following steps or see Adding derived application definitions for details about creating definitions for applications that are subsets of another application:
1. Click the File tab, and click Options > Protocol Definitions.
2. Click the applications definitions tab you want to add to (below the Start and Stop buttons).
3. Click Add Application. The Add Application window appears.
Figure 12: Add an application from the list or define a custom application
App definition add dialogApp definition add dialog
4. Select an application from the list, and click Add. If your application is not in the list, click Custom to create your own.
5. In the Add Application Definition dialog that appears, ensure these details are correct, (or type application details if you chose Custom), and click OK.
6. Click Apply Changes.
Choices are displayed that allow you to set the scope of your changes.
7. Choose one of the following:
Apply changes to this Probe Instance only
Apply changes across all Probe Instances
Apply changes across all Probe Instances only applies changes to currently connected probes instances. The changes cannot apply to disconnected probe instances.
Your new application now appears in the list of application definitions.