Adding entries to the address book manually
If necessary, you can manually add entries to your address book. Here are some common reasons for doing so, followed by instructions:
To build an address book to only contain specific network addresses:
May help you stay organized (smaller list)
Only solicits the stations you specify (good neighbor)
To add stations to an existing address book:
Add network addresses without running another discovery
If the automatic discovery process is prohibited:
Due to security policies, applicable laws, etc.
Avoid introducing potential interference to devices within a mission critical environment
To manually add entries to the address book:
1. On the Home tab, in the Tools group, click Discover Names.
2. Click Add Entry. The Add Alias dialog box appears.
Figure 8: Manually adding an address book entry
3. Select the network address type of the station, and type information into the fields; the first field is always required.
4. Click OK to save your entry in the address book.
You successfully added an address book entry without having to run a full discovery. Remember, you can manually add more entries by repeating this process.
After completing this task:
Typically, DNS names are more meaningful to end-users than IP addresses, so you should resolve them. To do this, click the Resolve IP button. Observer then attempts to resolve the DNS name of each entry in the address book.