Adding derived application definitions
Creating a derived application definition allows Observer to take one large application that may have many sub-applications within it and identify each of the sub-applications.
For instance, Java traffic can be identified within HTTP. After Observer identifies the derived application, it appears on your reports and elsewhere within Observer as its own application. The Decode tab is unaffected though. The derived application decodes as part of its parent’s application type. In our Java example, all Java traffic is viewable on the Decode tab as part of HTTP.
To add a derived application definition for the Server Application Discovery tool to use, complete the following steps:
1. Click the File tab, and click Options > Protocol Definitions.
2. Click the applications definitions tab you want to add to (below the Start and Stop buttons).
3. Click Add Derived Application.
The Add Derived Application window appears.
4. Type a name for the derived application (this name will appear in reports and throughout Observer) and choose from which application it stems.
The Add Application Definition window appears.
5. Specify the port or port range and optional IP address on which the application is found, and click OK.
Your new derived application now appears in the list of application definitions. Most importantly, the new application is discoverable using the Server Application Discovery tool and, if the application is seen, it is recognized correctly by Observer.