Adding a Trap
1. To add a trap to a compiled MIB, right-click on the Trap branch of the MIB to which you want to add a trap and choose New Trap from the pop-up menu.
2. The New Trap dialog is displayed
3. Fill out the fields as described below:
A descriptive name for the trap.
An integer specifying the generic trap type. How an integer is interpreted is defined by the MIB.
Enterprise OID
The trap’s base Enterprise Object Identifier.
Enterprise Name
The name of the last node in the OID chain of the compiled MIB.
List the variable data fields bound to the trap, separating variable names with a comma. These are for user reference only
Optional textual cross-reference to a trap, event, or alarm, defined in some other document or MIB module.
A free-form text description of the trap.