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What are skipped packets, and why are they appearing?
When a series of TCP packets comes into Observer, each packet will contain a sequence number. Packets should arrive in numerical order. If, however, a packet is missing, Observer identifies that missing packet as a “Skip pkt” if the client side acknowledges the missing packet.
For example, if you see packets 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, and 8, Observer would identify packet 5 as “Skip pkt”, because there is a gap in the sequence between packets 4 and 6. There are two reasons why this could happen:
The amount of data coming into the capture adapter is so high that Observer dropped packets. This is indicated by a red line in the Packet Capture tool.
To resolve this issue, you should limit the amount of data being spanned into the system, as this is a CPU issue on the switch rather than an issue within the Observer application or the hardware it is using to do the capture.