Observer Analyzer : Observer Analyzer : Troubleshooting common issues : A probe is not connecting to the analyzer or vice versa
A probe is not connecting to the analyzer or vice versa
If the probe is not connecting, it could be one of several reasons. The log window in Observer has useful information to give you an idea of why the connection is failing.
Verify the following:
The probe is licensed. See Licensing and updating.
Check that the Observer Platform ports are open on the firewall and if traffic is actually passing through it. Observer uses these ports to communicate with the probe. See Ports used by Observer Platform v17 and later or depending on your version. Check any local system firewall as well as any network firewall. See also the information in Suspected NAT or VPN issues.
Check that the security certificates are trusted between the Observer and the probe. If the settings do not match, you might get a message that says “Probe redirection Error <IPAddress> Authentication Negotiation Error” or “Probe authentication failed <IPAddress>.” Either a certificate is untrusted by one of the assets or a certificate is pending your approval. In Observer, click Options > General Options and click the Security tab. Verify that the specific certificates are in a trusted state.
The probe and Observer are within the same minor build range. See Upgrading the probe software.
You can access the VLAN if the probe or Observer are on different VLANs. There is nothing you need to configure in Observer or the probe to enable a connection when they are on different VLANs. However, if you do not have network permissions to access a probe on a different VLAN, it is a network configuration issue (usually for security reasons) and you should contact the network administrator.