Observer Analyzer
Observer Analyzer User Guides
Broadcast Storm
Different Speeds for Ports on Virtual Adapter
Duplicate IP
High Average Utilization
High Retransmissions
Link Down
Link Lost
Local routing problem
Maximum Utilization Exceeded
Multicast Storm
Network Delay
Port at Wrong Speed
Port Not Operational
Routing Problem
SFP Not Present
Speed Changed
IP Bad Checksum
Bad TCP Checksum
Bad UDP Checksum
DNS Application Processing Times
DNS Session Delays
Ethernet Align Errors
Ethernet CRC Errors
Ethernet too big errors
Ethernet too small errors
FTP Application Processing Times
FTP Session Delays
ICMP Address Mask Reply
ICMP Address Mask Request
ICMP Alternate Host Address
ICMP Datagram Conversion Error
ICMP Destination Unreachable
ICMP Domain Name Reply
ICMP Domain Name Request
ICMP Echo Reply
ICMP Echo Request
ICMP Information Reply
ICMP Information Request
ICMP IPv6 I-Am-Here
ICMP IPv6 Where-Are-You
ICMP Mobile Host Redirect
ICMP Mobile Registration Reply
ICMP Mobile Registration Request
ICMP Parameter Problem
ICMP Parameter Problem on a Datagram
ICMP Pings exceeded from IP
ICMP Redirect
ICMP Request
ICMP Router Discovery
ICMP Router Solicitation
ICMP Security Failures
ICMP Source Quench
ICMP Time Exceeded
ICMP Timestamp Reply
ICMP Timestamp Request
ICMP Traceroute
ICMP v6 Destination Unreachable
ICMP v6 Packet Too Big
ICMP v6 Parameter Problem
ICMP v6 Time Exceeded
IPX Busy
IPX Bytes
IPX Delay
IPX Excessive Retransmissions
IPX Packets
IPX Protocol
IPX Retransmissions
IPX Server BusyIPX excessive server busy
IPX Slow Establishing Connection
IPX Slow Response
IPX Station
IPX Status
LPD Application Processing Time
LPD Session Delays
NETBIOS Excessive Retransmissions
NETBIOS Protocol
NETBIOS Retransmissions
NetBIOS Slow Response
NFS Application Processing Time
NFS Session Delays
NNTP Application Processing Time
NNTP session Delays
Failed POP3 Login Attempts
POP3 Application Processing Times
POP3 Session Delays
RPC Application Processing Times
RPC Session Delays
SMB Access to Resource Denied
SMB Invalid Network Name
SMB Invalid User Name or Password
SMB Protocol Negotiation Failure
SMTP Application Processing Times
SMTP Session Delays
SNMP Application Processing Times
SNMP Session Delays
Telnet Application Processing Times
Telnet Session Delays
TDS Dataset Not Found
Failed TDS Login Attempts
Generic TCP Protocol Application Processing Times
Generic TCP Protocol Session Delays
TCP Bad Checksum
TCP Bytes
TCP Excessive Retransmissions
TCP Excessive Zero Windows
TCP Frozen Window
TCP Frozen Windows
TCP Other Conditions
TCP Packets
TCP Protocol
TCP Response Time
TCP Retransmissions
TCP Slow Establishing Connection
TCP slow response
TCP Station
TCP Status
TCP SYNs exceeded from IP
TCP Syn Requests
TCP Time First Seen
TCP Time Last Seen
TCP Zero Windows
Too fast TCP retransmissions
UDP Bytes
UDP Delay
UDP Excessive Retransmissions
UDP Other Conditions
UDP Packets
UDP Protocol
UDP Response Time
UDP Retransmissions
UDP slow response
UDP Station
UDP Status
UDP Time First Seen
UDP Time Last Seen
Wireless Access Points Stations
Wireless Ack
Wireless Acks
Wireless Action
Wireless Ad Hoc node using APs SSID
Wireless Ad-hoc Station
Wireless AP Default SSID
Wireless AP does not support high speed transmissions
Wireless AP Overloaded by Stations
Wireless AP Reset
Wireless AP system or firmware reset
Wireless AP Up time
Wireless AP using default SSID
Wireless AP with AES/CCMP disabled
Wireless AP with AES/CCMP enabled
Wireless AP with Broadcasted SSID
Wireless AP with channel causing mutual interference
Wireless AP with EAP disabled
Wireless AP with EAP enabled
Wireless AP with EAPOL disabled
Wireless AP with EAPOL enabled
Wireless AP with LEAP disabled
Wireless AP with LEAP enabled
Wireless AP with open system authentication
Wireless AP with PEAP disabled
Wireless AP with PEAP enabled
Wireless AP with QOS disabled
Wireless AP with QOS enabled
Wireless AP with shared key authentication
Wireless AP with TKIP disabled
Wireless AP with TKIP enabled
Wireless AP with TLS disabled
Wireless AP with TLS enabled
Wireless AP with TTLS disabled
Wireless AP with TTLS enabled
Wireless AP with WEP disabled
Wireless AP with WEP enabled
Wireless AP with WPA disabled
Wireless AP with WPA enabled
Wireless AP with WRAP disabled
Wireless AP with WRAP enabled
Wireless Assoc. Req.
Wireless Assoc. Resp.
Wireless Assoc Resp.
Wireless Association
Wireless Association Request Rate
Wireless ATIM
Wireless Authentication
Wireless Authentication Rate
Wireless Authentication Type
Wireless Beacons
Wireless Bytes
Wireless CF Ack CF Poll (No Data)
Wireless CF Ack (No data)
Wireless CF End
Wireless CF End CF Ack
Wireless CF Poll (No data)
Wireless Channel
Wireless CRC Error Rate
Wireless CRC Errors
Wireless CRC_PLCP Errors
Wireless Ctrl Packets
Wireless CTS
Wireless Data
Wireless Data CF Ack
Wireless Data CF Ack CF Poll
Wireless Data CF Poll
Wireless Data Packets
Wireless Data Rate Above Average
Wireless Data Rate Above Max
Wireless Data Rate Below Average
Wireless Data Rate Below Min
Wireless Deauthentication
Wireless Deauthentication Rate
Wireless Directed Data Packets
Wireless Directed Data Rate
Wireless Directed Data Rate Above Average
Wireless Directed Data Rate Above Max
Wireless Directed Data Rate Below Average
Wireless Directed Data Rate Below Min
Wireless Disassociation
Wireless Disassociation Rate
Wireless DOS association flood attack on AP
Wireless DOS association flood attack on station
Wireless DOS authentication flood attack on AP
Wireless DOS authentication flood attack on station
Wireless DOS deauthentication flood attack on AP
Wireless DOS disassocation flood attack on AP
Wireless DOS disassociation flood attack on station
Wireless Excessive CRC PLCP Errors
Wireless Excessive Missed AP Beacons
Wireless excessive WEP errors
Wireless First Seen
Wireless Frame Retries
Wireless Frame Retry Rate
Wireless high reassociations
Wireless High speed not supported
Wireless HT Capabilities
Wireless HT Information
Wireless Last Seen
Wireless Low Average Signal Quality
Wireless Low Average Signal Strength
Wireless Max Rate
Wireless Mgmt Packets
Wireless missed ACK
Wireless No Data
Wireless Overall Rate
Wireless Packets
Wireless PLCP CRC Errors
Wireless Power Save Poll
Wireless Power Save Polls
Wireless Probe Req.
Wireless Probe Request Rate
Wireless Probe Resp.
Wireless Protocol
Wireless QoS Data
Wireless Quality
Wireless Reassoc. Req.
Wireless Reassoc. Resp.
Wireless Reassociation Request Rate
Wireless Retry Frames
Wireless RTS
Wireless Security
Wireless Signal Quality Above Average
Wireless Signal Quality Above Max
Wireless Signal Quality Below Average
Wireless Signal Quality Below Min
Wireless Signal Strength
Wireless Signal Strength Above Average
Wireless Signal Strength Above Max
Wireless Signal Strength Below Average
Wireless Signal Strength Below Min
Wireless Speeds
Wireless SSID
Wireless Station
Wireless station can not associate
Wireless Station with QOS disabled
Wireless Station with QOS enabled
Wireless Station with WEP disabled
Wireless Status
Wireless Strength
Wireless Total Packets
Wireless Type
Wireless Unknown Access Points
Wireless Unknown Station
Wireless Unknown Stations
Wireless WEP decode errors
Wireless WEP Not Used
VoIP Active Burst Percentage below thresholdVoIP Active Burst Percentage above threshold
VoIP Active Calls below thresholdVoIP Active Calls above threshold
VoIP Active Calls in Setup or Teardown below thresholdVoIP Active Calls in Setup or Teardown above threshold
VoIP Active Initial Setup Duration below thresholdVoIP Active Initial Setup Duration above threshold
VoIP Active Jitter below thresholdVoIP Active Jitter above threshold
VoIP Active Lost Packets below thresholdVoIP Active Lost Packets above threshold
VoIP Active MOS below thresholdVoIP Active MOS above threshold
VoIP Active Open Calls below thresholdVoIP Active Open Calls above threshold
VoIP Active Packets Out of Order
VoIP Active R-Factor below thresholdVoIP Active R-Factor above threshold
VoIP Active Utilization Percent below thresholdVoIP Active Utilization Percent above threshold
VoIP Average Burst Duration
VoIP Average Gap Duration
VoIP Burst Density
VoIP Burst Percentage
VoIP Burst Percentage by Call below thresholdVoIP Burst Percentage by Call above threshold
VoIP Call Burst Density above threshold
VoIP Call Burst Density below threshold
VoIP Call Duration
VoIP Call Initial Setup Duration
VoIP Call MOS Audio above threshold
VoIP Call MOS Audio below threshold
VoIP Duration
VoIP excessive jittter
VoIP excessive percent packet loss
VoIP Gap Density
VoIP Gap Density by Call below thresholdVoIP Gap Density by Call above threshold
VoIP ID Stream
VoIP Initial Setup Duration
VoIP Jitter
VoIP Call Jitter above threshold
VoIP Call Jitter below threshold
VoIP Loss Rate
VoIP Max Jitter
VoIP Call Jitter Max above threshold
VoIP Call Jitter Max below threshold
VoIP Packet Bytes
VoIP Packets
VoIP Packets Lost
VoIP Packets Lost by Call below thresholdVoIP Packets Lost by Call above threshold
VoIP Packets out of Order
VoIP Packets Out of Order by Call
VoIP QoS by Stream changed
VoIP Call R
VoIP Record Bytes
VoIP Records
VoIP R-Factor
VoIP Setup Time
VoIP Start Time
VoIP State
VoIP Station 1 Port
VoIP Station 2 Port
VoIP Status
VoIP Summary Active
VoIP Summary Bytes
VoIP Summary Calls
VoIP Summary Closed
VoIP Summary Field
VoIP Summary Packets
VoIP Summary Percent Bytes
VoIP Summary Percent Packets
VoIP Summary Percent Util
VoIP Summary Protocol
VoIP Summary Total