system auth modify remote default-group
The system auth modify remote default-group command sets the group assigned to a user who logs into the system for the first time and is remotely authenticated (for instance, through OMS).
This ensures that the user has a minimum level of access to the system. It may be as little as none up to full rights depending on the permissions assigned to the default group you choose. This field is optional and only applies to authentication schemes that authenticate remotely, such as OMS, LDAP, RADIUS, and TACACS+.
Any end user who is not assigned to a user group is automatically placed into the group chosen from this list and given the permissions it grants. The default is None.
system auth modify remote default-group <GroupName|GID>
The case-sensitive name of the group.
Group names are case-sensitive. An effective group name is identifiable to other users.
The ID of the group. The ID is a numeric value associated with the name. When referencing the group, you may use either the name or the ID.
matrix_host# system auth modify remote default-group administrators