How to set the system time and date
You can set or change how the current date and time is acquired. Doing so ensures log events have correct dates and times and that packet trailer timestamps are accurate.
The Matrix must acquire its time and date from a clock source.
To set which clock source acquires the system time and date:
1. Starting in the dashboard, click System.
2. Click General.
3. In the Clock Source list under System Time Configuration, click a clock source.
Clock source establishes the system time and is used for packet timestamping.
Set now to browser time No configuration is necessary, but any system's time is highly vulnerable to clock drift unless it uses an outside time synchronization source.
IEEE-1588 IEEE-1588 is the Precision Time Protocol (PTP) specification. An IEEE 1588-2008 server with an accurate time source can provide higher resolution and accuracy than NTP. The IEEE 1588-2008 master time server must be accessible on the same network subnet as the monitor port.
GPS Uses an external GPS connected to the GPS port on the rear of the device. Only GPS Time Synchronization System appliances sold by VIAVI may be used. The GPS Time Synchronization System can provide the highest resolution and accuracy.
NTP Synchronizing with Network Time Protocol servers or pools can provide a low resolution, accurate time source. If NTP is chosen, one or more NTP servers or pools must be defined.
If you select NTP, you must type an NTP server IP address in Server 1.
4. Click Save.
The clock source is set. Both the system time and date of the Matrix are set by the selected clock source.