modify connection state
The modify connection state command enables or disables a connection in a layout. No traffic transfers from the network ports to the tool ports if the connection is disabled.
The connections available to modify with this command are created from create connection .
Changes to the layout are automatically saved if the changes are successful. If you are modifying the active layout, those changes take effect immediately.
To delete a connection instead of enable or disable it, refer to delete connection instead.
modify connection state <ConnectionName|CID> <enable|disable>
The case-sensitive name of the connection. This name is only used in the CLI and does not appear in the web UI. The name must be unique within a layout. You may use the same name in different layouts. Spaces are not allowed.
The ID of the connection. The ID is a numeric value associated with the name. When referencing the connection, you may use either the name or the ID.
Creates the connection.
Breaks the connection.
matrix_host(layout_name)# modify connection state conn1 enable
matrix_host(layout_name)# modify connection state conn2 disable