How to set IPv4 network settings
The Matrix must be added to your network like other devices. Use the network settings page to set IPv4 settings for IP address and netmask, gateway, host name, and more.
The Matrix is an active network device (unlike a typical optical TAP for instance). The Matrix has a hardware address and requires an IPv4 address assignment to join your network. However, IPv6 can optionally be enabled and used side-by-side with IPv4—the matrix supports native dual-stack. Address assignments can be manually configured or dynamically assigned using DHCP or DHCPv6.
1. Starting in the dashboard, click System.
2. Click Network.
3. In Hostname, type a host name for the Matrix.
4. Use DHCP for address assignments:
a. Select DHCP.
The manual configuration settings become hidden.
b. Click Save.
DHCP is enabled. No further configuration is necessary.
5. In IP Address, type the IP address the Matrix must use.
6. In Netmask, type the full netmask associated with the chosen IP address.
7. In Gateway, type the IP address of the gateway the Matrix must use.
8. In DNS Address 1, type the IP address of a DNS server.
The IPv4 address of at least one DNS server is required. If two servers are declared, the first server is used unless unreachable.
9. In DNS Address 2, type the IP address of a DNS server.
10. Click Save.
You successfully added the Matrix to your network with IPv4 settings. The changes take effect immediately.