system license import
The command system license import re-licenses your device. The CLI expects the multi-line license string to be pasted into the console after executing this command.
Use this command after receiving a new license from VIAVI. The license is a long, multi-line string of characters that you must paste into the terminal session after executing this command.
Before using this command, you must have new license string ready.
The new license was sent to you in an e-mail or as an attachment to an e-mail message. If you are unable to find your license, contact with your contact name, company name, and device serial number or maintenance serial number.
To import your license via the CLI:
2. From the e-mail message, select and copy the license string from the e-mail message or PDF.
3. Paste the license key. See your terminal emulator's documentation for more details.
4. Press Ctrl-W to process the pasted license string, or press Ctrl-X to cancel.
system license import
matrix_host# system license import