system auth create user
The system auth create user command creates a locally managed user and associates it with one or more groups.
When creating a locally managed user, a password creation prompt appears after executing the system auth create user command.
Authentication is done either locally or through a remote authentication server.
To see which authentication scheme is active, use the show auth settings command.
To change the authentication scheme, use the system auth modify remote scheme command.
system auth create user <UserName> <GroupName,...|GID,...> [desc="UserDesc"] [authenticate=local|remote] [login=enable|disable]
The case-sensitive user name for this user.
Group names are case-sensitive. An effective group name is identifiable to other users.
The ID of the group. The ID is a numeric value associated with the name. When referencing the group, you may use either the name or the ID.
Descriptions are optional and displayed in the Users table.
If it contains a space character, the entire string must be enclosed in quotes.
Specifies if the user name and password of this user is maintained by a third-party authentication tool ('Authenticates Remotely') or by Matrix ('Local User'). If you import users, this field defaults to 'Local User.' You must change it to 'Authenticates Remotely' if you want to use the remote authentication server regardless of whether you imported users or not.
Sets whether a user may log in. The default is enable.
As an alternative to deletion, a user can be disabled.
matrix_host# system auth create user Neo administrators desc="The One" Create a new user Neo and assign it to the administrators group.
matrix_host# system auth create user Morpheus 100,101,102 Create a new user Morpheus and assign it to groups with the ID of 100, 101 and 102.