show port
The show port command prints current counter values and status of each physical port.
show port [PortList] [view=column|row|list] [fields= <Type,Status,Pkts,Bytes,Bits,Util,DropPkts,DropBytes,DropBits,Errors>] [refresh=sec]
A comma-separated list of physical ports or a range of ports. For example, 1,4,6-8. No spaces are allowed. Default includes all ports.
view =row|list|column
Changes the report view. The default is to view by row.
List of port values: Type, Status, Pkts, Bytes, Bits, Util, DropPkts, DropBytes, DropBits, and Errors. The default includes all fields.
Continuously refresh display on the specified interval in seconds. For example, 15 updates every 15 seconds.
matrix_host> show port Show all ports, using default row view.
matrix_host> show port view=column Show all ports, using column view
matrix_host> show port 1-5,12,8 Show ports 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 12, using default row view.
matrix_host> show port view=list fields=Pkts,Bytes Show all ports, using list view and only the Pkts and Bytes values.
matrix_host> show port refresh=15 Show all ports, using default row view and refresh every five seconds.