show auth settings
The show auth settings command displays user authentication settings.
Use show auth settings to see the current authentication scheme and the default group. If a remote authentication server is defined, all settings for that scheme are displayed.
The system or service for managing user names, passwords, groups, and authentication, can be specified.
Local Exclusively managed within this system.
LDAP Any LDAP directory service (do not select for configuring Windows Active Directory)
Active Directory Windows Active Directory service
OMS Observer Management Server appliance
RADIUS RADIUS authentication server
TACACS+ TACACS+ authentication server
Any end user who is not assigned to a user group is automatically placed into the group chosen from this list and given the permissions it grants. The default is None.
The permission level of users within this group.
None Group has no permissions (permissions revoked).
Read-only Able to view user interface tabs, modify Status page widgets, clear counters, and access the base of the CLI.
Support Owns all permissions of the Read-Only group, plus able to modify System page settings and access more options within the enable prompt of the CLI.
Administrator Able to access and modify all settings, and is the only permission level able to modify layouts, rules, and filters. Allowed access to more options within the configure terminal prompt of the CLI. This group cannot be set to read-only.
show auth settings
matrix_host> show auth settings