modify rule conversation-type
The command modify rule conversation-type sets how conversation-based load balancing is performed.
Conversations are traffic streams that must be kept together and forwarded intact to a tool port. How the system determines a conversation must be specified. For example, selecting only 'Include IP pair' indicates all connections between a unique IP pair must be kept intact and forwarded to the same tool port.
This command does not enable load balancing. Refer to modify rule balance .
The effects of this command only apply to rules that have the conversation-based load balancing type selected.. Refer to modify rule balance-type.
modify rule conversation-type <"RuleName"|RID> <ip|L4port|mac|vlan>
The case-sensitive name of the rule. If it contains a space character, the entire string must be enclosed in quotes.
The ID of the rule. The ID is a numeric value associated with the name. When referencing the rule, you may use either the name or the ID.
Sets the conversation behavior to load balance. If choosing multiple conversation types, use a comma separated list with no spaces. For example, ip,L4port,vlan.
matrix_host(layout_name)# modify rule conversation-type "Test Rule" ip,L4port Sets the load balancing conversation types of rule "Test Rule" to include IP pairs and TCP, UDP, and SCTP port pairs.
matrix_host(layout_name)# modify rule conversation-type 1 mac Sets the load balancing conversation type of the rule having rule ID number 1 to include MAC address pairs.