Load Balancing
How is a conversation defined when load-balancing?
A conversation is user-definable based on MAC pair, VLN, IP Pair, TCP/UDP/SCTP ports.
Understanding load balancing after link loss
If you are using load-balancing and a port drops out because of link loss, power failure, or some other reason, the streams allocated to that port are dropped as well.
The traffic from the dead port is not automatically redirected to the remaining ports in the load-balancing scheme. If you notice this failure, identify the root cause, which, among other things, may be:
Failed SFP in Matrix. Replace the SFP.
Failed SFP in your tool. Replace the SFP.
Power failure in your tool. Replace the power power supply.
Other failure in the tool. Replace the entire device with a spare or perform other repairs as necessary.
Cable is disconnected or failed. Reconnect or replace the cable.
After repairing the issue traffic will begin flowing from the Matrix to your tool.
While you are investigating the cause, you might consider deleting the connection to the dead port in the layout. Doing so will send all traffic out the remaining ports in your load-balancing scheme; however, you risk oversubscribing the remaining tool ports.