layout import
The layout import command puts the CLI into "paste" mode.
Use Ctrl-V (or whatever paste command is defined for your terminal session) to paste the contents of layout export from your clipboard one command at a time. After pasting the layout, type Ctrl-W to start the import process.
The layout contains numerous commands that set network and tool ports, rules, deduplication settings, and more. Each setting is mapped to a CLI command. All of the CLI commands are processed in a single transaction. System resources and the syntax of each line are verified before being processed. If the verification fails, any created resources are removed from the system. If the import is successful, the imported layout becomes the currently loaded layout. Layout configurations can be generated from the web interface, scp, or the command layout export .
Type Ctrl-X to cancel the import process.
layout import
matrix_host(layout_name)# layout import