Can I use DHCP to configure IP addresses on Matrix?
Yes, but be sure to make note of the MAC address (not on the unit's label).
Is IPv6 support for the management port?
Yes, Matrix supports dual stack IPv4 and IPv6.
What time sync options are supported?
IEEE 1588 (PTP) and NTP.
What third party databases for user authentication are supported?
LDAP, Active Directory, RADIUS, TACACS+, OMS, and Local user authentication.
Can I connect any port to any port?
Yes, however there is a maximum of eight tool ports.
Will Matrix link to a connection with on the RX signal connected?
Yes, you must disable Auto-Negotiation on that port.
I have several Matrix switches. Can I centrally manage them?
There is no central management capability at this time. Each device must be separately configured.
Is DC power available?
“Invalid credentials” error when using DNS name
You set up a DNS name for your product. You can log in when using an IP address to access the product, but when you attempt to use a DNS name in your web browser you see an “invalid credentials” error message even though you provide a valid user name and password.
The browser has corrupted the cookie that the product uses, potentially because of one or more of your browser’s plugins. It’s also possible that cached files, in addition to the cookie, are the cause.
1. Delete the corrupt cookie from your browser.
You can choose to delete all cookies or search for your product’s cookie and delete only it.
2. Clear your browser’s cache files.
3. Try using the DNS name and valid credentials.