How to upgrade the firmware
You can upgrade the firmware to ensure maximum performance and stability of the system, and to update the documentation and tooltips.
VIAVI continually releases improvements through firmware updates. Ensure you have the latest firmware by downloading it from
Firmware upgrades consist of two simultaneous updates:
1. An update to the user interface
2. An update to the switch board
Both updates are performed simultaneously during a single firmware upgrade.
Network traffic continues processing during the upgrade, except for a momentary interruption at the end of the switch board update which takes approximately 20 minutes.
The user interface is unavailable for approximately 5 minutes while it is updating.
The overall process may take up to 30 minutes to complete.
1. Starting in the dashboard, click System.
2. Click Firmware.
3. Click Browse.
4. Browse to a firmware file using the dialog box and click Open.
5. Click Upload.
The file uploads in the background, so do not close your browser. After the upload is complete, the file is verified and unpacked.
If successful, an Upgrade button appears in the menu bar.
6. Click Upgrade.
The firmware upgrade has successfully started. The overall process may take up to 30 minutes to complete.