How to define a network port
By default, a new layout is comprised entirely of network ports. After establishing some tool ports, you may want to change those tool ports back to network ports in the future.
There are no dedicated ingress and egress ports in the Matrix; all physical ports can assume either one of these roles. You, an administrator, can designate a physical port as either a (ingress) network port or (egress) tool port by using the web interface (dashboard) or command line interface (CLI).
Note: These steps require at least one tool port is defined in the layout.
To define a network port in a layout:
1. Starting in the dashboard, click Ports.
The layout designer appears, where connections between network and tool ports can be created.
2. Double-click a tool port.
Tool ports are always located rightmost in a layout.
Options appear for this port.
3. In the Type list, select Network.
The appliance ports can change modes of operation.
Network Port Ingress port that accepts network traffic
Tool Port Egress port that forwards network traffic to tools and analyzers
4. Click OK.
You successfully defined a network port. When connections are made between it and tool ports, network traffic is forwarded to tool ports.