How to bind a filter to a rule
Before a filter can take effect, you must bind the filter to a rule. The filter takes effect when the rule is applied in a layout.
Because a rule—not a filter—is what connects network ports to tool ports, binding a filter to a rule is simply the first step. Only after the rule is applied in a layout does the filter begin affecting the data arriving at analysis tools. The same filter can be bound to any number of rules.
To bind a filter to a rule:
1. Starting in the dashboard, click Rules.
The rules and filters designer appears, where rules and filters can be created and edited.
2. Ensure the Rules tab is selected.
3. Click a rule from the list.
The rule opens and is ready to edit.
4. In the Filter list, click which filter to bind to this rule.
5. Click Save.
The filter is successfully bound to the rule. When your rule is applied in a layout, the filter takes effect.